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KeDai Computerworks Present

Techknowledge II dengan tema Find To Make IT (Find In Your Mind and Make IT Become Technology) hadir dengan berbagai konten acara..

1. Free Repair
2. IT Fair
3. Have Fun with Virtual Reality
4. Gallery KeDai
5. Live Acoustic
6. Live Mural
7. Food and Beverage
8. Seminar All Crew dengan materi “Hybrid Android Application”

9. Workshop, adapun materi workshop antara lain :
a. Let’s Try Robotics Programming with Arduino
b. Build your Web System with Laravel Framework
c. Make your Own Game 2D with Unity 3D
d. Let’s Try Open Source and Local Repository
e. Make your Portofolio Template with Bootstrap
f. Making your Character Vector with Adobe Illustrator
g. Make Network Simulation with Cisco Packet Tracer
h. Let’s Build your Apps Mobile with Android
i. Build your Own Laptop

Registration : 02 – 09 Januari 2017
@ Front Office STMIK Dipanegara Makassar

Registrasi online :

For more info :
Website :
Fanspage : KeDai Computerworks
Twitter : @KDComputerworks
Instagram : kdcomputerworks
Youtube :

Contact Person :
085298106490 (Erna)
085756822100 (Ryan)


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